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The beginnings of Mabelux 

35 years ago, Mabelux made its first steps wishing to offer a good service in a new and efficient way. Inicially founded to manufacture an exclusive product, it opens its doors to fulfill the needs of the market.

The solid nature of the company helps it enter new markets and so create Mabelux Group, composed of different divisions. Mabelux Home is benchmarked as one of the most appreciated brands in the market of bath and shower panels, thanks to the design and quality of its products and services, innovating and bringing new ideas to the market.

We know it is a long, difficult and never-ending way, and we try to make every step firm, intelligent and creative. This is the only way we know and we believe to fulfill the wishes of our clients and partners.


We like well-done job!

We suggest a new concept in shower and bath panels, a new point of view for our work.

Mabelux Home is not only a simple manufacturer of panels – we offer a solution to every project we face. Functional shower and bath panels, high quality materials with our own designs and an adaptable appearance depending on the atmosphere.

 Apart from all these features, we offer a highly efficient integral service, with a young and qualified team, ready to listen to all your requirements.


Quality is essential in shower and bath panels manufactured by Mabelux Home. From the choice of the providers that we will foster sinergies with, to the installation at the client’s home, our products undergo all the necessary tests to obtain the client’s highest satisfaction

This quality can be seen in the materials we choose and in the technical response of the panel. Our Technical Department works on all these elements to obtain continuous improvements


Another important feature at Mabelux Home is design. A wide range of options and materials make adaptability possible in any type of room, making it also possible to form part of every project of interiorism

We are always following the market design trends, in order to offer our clients the most up-to-date products.


One of our main tasks is advising. We know that each project is different and that each personality requires a different final touch. That is why we treat each panel as an unique and exclusive piece, working ad hoc and offering imaginative solutions, always adapted to the needs of the client.

And of course, in these times it is important to provide a fast service that will cause the minimum waste of time for everybody, thus obtaining a result both efficient and effective.

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