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In the past, the bathroom was distant from design and decoration, but now the importance of its decoration is as essential as that in the living room or the bedroom. The bathroom is more and more relevant every time – its purely hygienic function has now evolved. Along with the current social structures, the bathroom must now respond to our current fast and accelerated lifestyle.


The presence and permanence of Mabelux in the market is defined by:

- The reliability and respect with which we face our work;

- The experience we have acquired day after day and facing technically difficult projects;

- The quality we offer in our materials, products, services and customer service;

- The innovation both in our products and in our production and managing processes;



The existence of Mabelux comes from this idea: “Working hard every minute in orden to become a reference in the bathroom sector”. Being a pioneer and innovative company that offers products and services of the highest quality.


Mabelux Home offers quality products and services for the bathroom, especially for interior designers, architects, wholesalers of bathroom products…

Mabelux combines quality, technical solutions and design to offer creative and innovative bathroom products.

We believe in a good customer service, because we want to offer all the required support to our clients in order to fulfill their specific needs at each moment.


We listen to the clients’ opinions and we learn everyday about their needs. We know without a doubt that we must take care of the product to avoid disappoint our clients. That is why we make our products, services and materials go through the most exigent quality controls that exist nowadays. Our mission is to offer durable products, and that way making them less expensive, with finishes of the highest quality and always in an eco-friendly way.

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